As a deferred member of the plan, your deferred pension stays in the plan for you to draw when you retire unless you decide to take a transfer (see below).

Transferring your benefits

You can transfer your plan benefits (including your Investing plan benefits) to another tax-approved arrangement – such as your new employer's scheme or a personal or stakeholder pension plan, so long as that arrangement agrees to and can accept the transfer.

If you want to take a transfer, let the Unilever Pensions Team know. They work out how much your benefits are worth – the 'transfer value' – based on pension law and investment conditions at the time.

This means that transfer values change. The transfer value the Pensions Team gives you for your Final salary plan benefits is guaranteed for three months – if you take longer than that to make your decision, you will need to ask for a new transfer value.

Please bear in mind that until you and the new arrangement complete the necessary paperwork, the transfer cannot go through.